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Code of professional conduct

Companies often end up doing their translations themselves because they are disappointed in the result. To guarantee a high-quality translation that corresponds to your expectations, I undertake to respect the following code of professional conduct:
  • Give a rapid answer by phone or email
  • Understand exactly who your translation is geared towards (native speakers, English as a second language, part of the world, specialist, non-specialist, in-house, external, publication, etc.) in order to propose a translation that will be perfectly understood by the reader
  • Suggest an adaptation rather than a translation if there is too great a difference between the two cultures
  • Check the number of words and ensure that the document is legible
  • Send a quotation within an hour of receiving your request
  • Include all necessary information in the quotation (price, deadline, surcharge, public)


  • Always translate into my mother tongue, English, respecting the vocabulary and spelling of the country concerned (US, British, Australian, European, international, etc.)
  • Be fully familiar with the fields in which I am translating
  • Ask pertinent questions when I don’t perfectly understand what the author of the document is saying or if I observe inconsistencies or errors
  • Carry out all documentary and terminological research required to produce a high-quality translation
  • Make and update a glossary for regular clients or at their specific request
  • Respect the client's in-house terminology when it is provided
  • Reproduce the document format exactly if a Word, PowerPoint or Excel file is available: overwriting of original file
  • Present the document in a similar format to the original in the case of a pdf or scanned document


  • Check homogeneity, i.e.  that the same terminology has been used throughout the document
  • Carefully review the translation, comparing it with the original text
  • Deliver the translation within the specified deadline


  • Check that it has been received
  • Take any observations or remarks from the client into account
  • Submit a new version of the translation if necessary
  • Send a clear, detailed invoice at the end of the month during which the translation was submitted


  • Totally and absolutely respect the professional secrecy (art. 378 of the French criminal code) and confidentiality of your documents


  • Create a translation memory in order to guarantee the homogeneity of your translations
  • Guard against viruses using constantly updated anti-virus software
  • Make back-ups of all documents
  • Archive your documents (French and English) for a period of five years



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